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Order Management and purchasing

You might have heard your colleagues and peers professing the importance of Order Management, but been left wondering exactly why it’s so vital.

Order Management refers to the series of actions a business undertakes from when a potential order is first created, to the moment a customer receives their desired product or service to the customer.

S&E can support in all facets of order management, requisition to order cycle times. It could be argued that faster cycle times just encourage more spending, but it is essential to match Requisition-to-Order cycles to the speed of your business. Slow approvals result in delayed purchasing of goods and services needed for business-critical projects, maintenance and repair operations

Here are also some ways we can work with you:

Data Entry

Purchase order processing

Backorder management

Price update

Goods receipting

Invoice follow up

Monitoring and managing inbound deliveries
from suppliers to your distribution centre or 3PL

Process outbound deliveries to distribution centre

3PL Consolidation & Management

Poor handling costs you money if they are not managed by a specialized 3PL facility, your valuable products costs you money and will hurt your brand reputation when you can’t respond to your customers on a timely basis. S&E can help you secure a specialized facility which can manage your stock levels, real time visibility of order status

At S&E, we can offer a wide range of customized third party logistics warehousing to meet your needs.

We will conduct a thorough analysis of your 3PL requirements and can further assists you on the following:

Centralized or decentralized storage,

Inventory control

Freight handling and transport to your customer


Barcoding using RF handheld machine for real time visibility

Manufacturing Fabrication

One stop shop for all of your metal fabrication.

Services includes:

Keyway cutting (Metric & Imperial Broaching)

Consolidation & Packaging of requested products

Industrial Rotary Valve Repairs

Industrial Pump repairs

Industrial Gearbox Repairs

2 x Demmeler Modular Clamping Systems (1500mm x 3000mm)

General Fabrication

Structural Fabrication

Mig Welding

Tig Welding

Spot Welding


Services for the wider range of industries :








Construction (structural)